NaNoWriMo, Writing and a Very Personal Ministry.

For years I have worried that I would never find the right ministry.



I thought it might be writing but I am beginning to see that my writing might only be a small part of God’s plan for my life and my ministry.

My mother and I felt a calling to participate in NaNoWriMo again this year, despite our experience last November.

And I felt called to start this group.

I applied to be an official ML with NaNoWriMo but I kept feeling like I wasn’t done yet so I prayed a bit and I waited and I listened.

When I saw the Facebook page for the current Nashville regional group, I felt compelled to start one for our group. Then it was a blog and finally a twitter profile. And once I had all of these things in place, I realized I still wasn’t done yet.

Then I finally began to see what God had been trying to tell me. It wasn’t enough to reach out ONLY to writers who do NaNoWriMo… I have to reach out to ALL authors – and when I say all, I mean all. Not just writers of inspirational fiction (although that is still our group’s main focus) but ALL writers of any genre.

Jesus went out and talked to the people – ALL of the people. That was one of the biggest reasons the Pharisees had so many issues with him… because he associated with the “wrong sort”. 

Yes, we need more support for writers of Inspirational fiction and non-fiction.

But we also need to reach out to those around us who do not. The saved don’t need to be saved again. They just need fellowship.

It’s the lost who really need us. And if that can be done by reaching out through a writer’s group, then that is how I will do it!

God has called and I WILL ANSWER!



Have a Blessed Evening!

~ Rachel


It’s NOT too late!

We started this blog/group with the intention of encouraging writers of Inspirational fiction within the confines of NaNoWriMo but now that we have had a day to think about it and discuss – we think it is better to use this group/blog to encourage Inspirational Authors everywhere ALL THE TIME!

There is simply not enough support for Authors of Inspirational fiction! And there should be – there are a lot of us out there! PRAISE GOD!

So watch our FACEBOOK and TWITTER pages for news of events coming SOON! And watch the BLOG for encouragement and for tips and hints for your writing journey!




That being said, if you want to participate in NaNoWriMo, there is something called Camp NaNoWriMo that is going on RIGHT NOW! And…BONUS… you can pick your OWN Word Count GOAL! So, if you decide to participate – starting NOW, you can STILL WIN! All you have to do is ask yourself how much you WANT to write in the remaining days of July!

You also have the option of revising a novel – which is what I am doing. And I want to add at least 10,000 words to my novel so that is my goal. If you would like to connect with me there, click HERE.


So, watch for news and encouragements COMING SOON!

And head on over to Camp NaNoWriMo and join in! You can sign up anytime! I did! You can have fun while you’re writing! And you get to pick your own word count. You can’t lose!


Plus you get all these Great Banners and Buttons and Avatars!

Participant 2014 - Facebook Cover

2014 Participant - Vertical Banner         2014 Participant - Facebook Profile         2014 Participant - Square Button

Participant 2014 - Twitter Header 2
2014 Participant - Twitter Header 1 


Happy Writing and GOD BLESS!