How do you deal with Writer’s Block?

A great look at how writer’s deal with Writer’s Block…

JC Morrows

Calvin and Hobbes Comic © Bill Waterson

Now… if you have a sense of humor that is at all like mine, you read this cartoon and laughed for about five minutes…then cried because it’s really NOT funny when you are a writer experiencing “Writer’s Block”.

And I spent a great deal of time arguing with myself about Writer’s Block.

  • Is it really a good idea to seek publication if I’m just going to get hung up with writer’s block?
  • Am I really a good writer if writer’s block can hang me up for days…even weeks sometimes?

And the all important one…

  • What do I do about writer’s block? How do I work around it… or get past it… or better yet, punch through it?

Well, in the end what I did was sort of like working around it and sort of like punching through it but mostly it was ignoring it…


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