We are here and conference starts tomorrow!


I don’t know about you but I am excited!

Excited and terrified… as I’m certain many other writers are – who are here for the first time.

It’s a heady experience – there are agents to meet and other authors (some of which are personal heroes to us) and there is so much to learn.


Long days and hectic schedules, interspersed with small breaks of time we can use to mingle and meet new friends.

The one difference for me personally…?

At THIS conference, I atually have something in common with the majority of attendees. At the other conferences I have attended so far, the only common ground I shared with the other people sitting in classes beside me was that we both wrote novels.

In fact, at both, there were – at most – one or two authors who fit in the category of Christian fiction.

I was definitely in the minority!

But tomorrow I shall not be! I shall be among friends – brothers and sisters in Christ! And there is so much I hope to glean from this conference!

For all the other writers out there who happen to be attending the ACFW writer’s conference for the first time, I hope you glean as much or more than I do as well!

Have a Great conference!

God Bless!


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