Conference Countdown | Tips and Advice | 12 Days to go



I know it’s coming up fast now but you have to calm down, take some deep breaths and relax!


1) IF YOU PANIC… You’ll miss things!

I have learned that lesson over and over and over. If I get in a panic and rush around trying to get out the door, I forget things.


2) IF YOU PANIC… You won’t be ready!

This is the same lesson. Whenever I get in a panic, I rush around and for some reason it takes me at least three times as long to do things… and I don’t usually get everything done.


3) IF YOU PANIC… You won’t have as much fun as you would like!

If you panic now, you won’t be able to enjoy the days leading up to conference. And you just might wear yourself out so much that you can’t enjoy the conference either.


Remember that. RELAX! And have a great conference!


God Bless!

And watch for more posts to come as we count down to the 2014 ACFW Conference!


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