Conference Countdown | Tips and Advice | 24 Days to go

Realize that your FAVORITE Authors are still…just…people!


 Mom: Just remember, when we get to the hotel and you see Tricia Goyer and start to squeal, I’m going to pinch you. Then when you see Shelley Shepard Gray or Suzanne Woods Fisher and you start to squeal, I’m going to pinch you again until – when you see someone else, you stop to think before you start squealing.

Me: Oh ha ha ha… Hey! When I met Melanie Dickerson, did I squeal? No, I cracked a joke. I think I handled that pretty well.

Yes the above was a real conversation

No, she wasn’t really serious… at least I don’t think she was.

But you get the idea.

Far too many people meet someone they’ve seen on TV or a movie, or someone who wrote one of their favorite books and they do two things.

1) They are overwhelmed by excitement and they squeal/scream/yell/faint (I could go on and on and on I’m sure but you see where I’m going with this)

2) …and this one may actually come first in their head but the first point was so much more fun to write so it went ahead of this – They forget the actor/writer/producer/musician they are speaking to is actually a real person!


I’m sure that Mary Ellis, Sarah Sundin and Colleen Coble really enjoy knowing their readers enjoy their books. And I’m sure they don’t mind (if they’re not in the middle of something super important like a facial or getting their teeth cleaned) signing their book for you and listening to you tell them how much you love their writing.

I’m also sure it gets old really fast to have people falling all over you and track you down to get your autograph or bend your ear when you have somewhere to get to.


So that is the focus of today’s “helpful advice”.


REMEMBER that the authors/agents/editors who are at ANY conference you attend are there for the same reason you are – to learn and to make connections.

REMEMBER that, while they are there to make connections, that means holding an intelligent conversation and discussing writing – NOT squealing and running after them no matter where they go.

REMEMBER that they were once where you are. Every best-selling author was once a newbie – unpublished and unsure of themselves!

REMEMBER that they WANT to help you get to where they are. It may not be true of every writer’s organization but it certainly is true of ACFW!

REMEMBER that you may, one day be where they are and while it may sound trite, treat them the way you hope your fans will one day treat you.


At the end of the day, they are just people – like you. And they want the same things you do – to enjoy the conference, learn a lot, meet new people and make new friends!

You never know who will be your next critique partner, prayer warrior, best friend, co-author, publisher, editor, agent or proof-reader! Make the best impression you can and be yourself!

God Bless!

And watch for more posts to come!

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