Countdown to conference…

 Today marks the start of my countdown to the 2014 ACFW conference.

Exactly one month from today, we newbies will be walking into the special session for first-time attendees! Thank you so much for knowing how much we need that – ACFW! Only an organization started and run by Authors can know how terrifying it is to walk into your first conference and have no idea what you are supposed to do.

What if I missed something?
What if I’m dressed wrong?
What if I don’t know where to go?

All of these things and thousands more are running through your mind (because we’re writers, we can do that) and you’re terrified one of your heroes is going to walk by any moment and you will trip and fall on your face right there in front of them – at which point they will rush quickly and quietly in the opposite direction. Or if they’re not easily embarrassed, you might actually succeed in getting their attention that way

Yes these are just a few of the nightmares that plague me. I have been to several small conferences but absolutely nothing on the scale of ACFW and nothing where I actually had the opportunity to walk by or sit next to any one of absolutely dozens of authors I simply adore at every single session/ meal (unless you count the AWESOME Melanie Dickerson – who sat next to me at several sessions and meals at the small conference I went to in Mississippi last month… but, to be fair, she kind of knew me already and she didn’t know anyone else so that was just a huge blessing!). As a matter of fact, there were a couple of big names at my first conference – just not dozens of them everywhere I turned.


At any rate, we will be posting regularly over the next month with tips and ideas for anyone attending the 2014 ACFW conference. And anyone who isn’t attending can always use the tips for future conferences they do attend.




~ Rachel

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