Author Spotlight: Amy Clipston


Today we welcome Bestselling Author:

Blue Jeans N Polaroid Amy Clipston


 She has come to share with us – a little of her own writing journey
and some of that much-needed encouragement.

Thank You Amy!

God Bless You!



– Many authors say their first novel will never see the light of day. Was “A Gift of Grace” the first novel you completed?

Oh, my very first novels will never see the light of day! I wrote approximately seven or ten sweet romance novels before A Gift of Grace. I’d be too embarrassed to share them with my readers. They weren’t very good at all!


– You continue to work a full-time job aside from your writing career. How do you manage to find time to be a mother, a wife and a writer – not to mention traveling to research and promote your books?

It’s not easy to balance two jobs, but my mother is a tremendous help. She takes care of the house so I can work. I work four 10-hour days, so I can have Fridays off to write and also spend time with my two boys. My family and I make it work. My mother and my husband are very supportive of my crazy schedule.


– Would you mind sharing with us how many rounds of querying you went through before getting that “YES!”?

I signed with my first agent in 2005, and I believe we received approximately a dozen or so rejections with my romance novels. However, when I wrote A Gift of Grace, I finally received the YES!


– Did you have much (if any) of your second book completed before you signed a contract for the first?

To be honest, I sold on proposal, meaning that A Gift of Grace wasn’t even complete when I signed the contract. I had written the first three chapters and blurbs for two more books when Zondervan signed me. I was very fortunate, and I’m thankful that Sue Brower took a chance of me since I was unpublished.


– Do you have any special tips or hints you would like to share with struggling or novice authors out there? Any special marketing techniques you feel may have been contributing factors to your success?

My tip is to keep writing. Don’t give up! Join a writer’s group and find a critique partner who you can trust to give you constructive criticism. I learned so much from my local RWA chapter, Chesapeake Romance Writers, when I was first starting out. As for marketing, I rely on Facebook and Twitter. I also maintain a presence on Goodreads.


Please join me in thanking Amy for taking time
out of a very busy schedule to answer these questions for us.

 And I hope all of you have found this as inspiring as I have!



Now for some other info about Amy and her wonderful books


I got this straight from Amy but you can find more on her WEBSITE.

About Amy Clipston


Amy Clipston has been writing for as long as she can remember.

Her fiction writing “career” began in elementary school when she and a close friend wrote and shared silly stories.

She has a degree in communications from Virginia Wesleyan College and is a member of the Authors Guild, American Christian Fiction Writers, and Romance Writers of America.

She is the author of the bestselling Kauffman Amish Bakery series and Hearts of the Lancaster Grand Hotel series with Zondervan, which is part of HarperCollins Christian Publishing.

Amy lives in North Carolina with her husband, two sons, mother, and four spoiled rotten cats.

You can find Amy at, on Facebook at, and on Twitter at @AmyClipston.



And now about her books:


A Mother’s Secret

Second in the Hearts of the Lancaster Grand Hotel series


A Hopeful Heart by Amy Clipston
In A Mother’s Secret—the second book in a new Amish series by bestselling author Amy Clipston—Carolyn Lapp dreams of marrying for love. But will the errors of her past destroy this dream forever? Carolyn Lapp longs to have a traditional Amish family. But she lives on her brother’s farm with her parents and her 15-year old son, Benjamin. Carolyn has never revealed the identity of Benjamin’s father and lives daily with the guilt and shame of her youthful indiscretion. Her brother simply will not forgive her. His answer is to arrange a practical marriage for Carolyn to Saul, a widower with a little girl. But Carolyn isn’t convinced that Saul really loves her and believes he is simply looking for someone to help raise his daughter. When Benjamin causes trouble at a local horse auction, horse breeder Joshua Glick decides that he must be taught a lesson. Carolyn and Joshua are unmistakably drawn to each other, but Joshua mistakenly assumes that Benjamin is Carolyn’s brother. Carolyn fears that if he discovers the truth, her past will destroy their budding romance. After years of shame and loneliness, Carolyn suddenly has two men vying for her attention. But which of them will give her the family—and the unconditional love—she’s longed for?



Amy mentions above that she was contracted for six books in her Kauffman Bakery series and I was really hoping we would get ONE more (No. I haven’t read them yet but I finally have all five plus the two Christmas novellas so I can now), but I’m guessing the extra Christmas books and the Young Adult book she wrote fulfilled that.

Hey. You can always go back and read them again…  or for the first time with me!


A Season of Love

Fifth and Final Book in the Kauffman Amish Bakery Series

A Season of Love by Amy Clipston


In the fifth and final novel of the Kauffman Amish Bakery Series, three young women are about to change their lives. Lizzie Anne and Samuel have decided to get married, and Lindsay is about to be baptized in the Amish faith and is courting Matthew. While Katie Kauffman is happy for her friends who seem to have settled their futures, she is also finding herself something of a fifth wheel. When Lindsay’s sister Jessica returns to Bird-in-Hand, she finds that Jake Miller has moved on with his life. He lost hope that Jessica would ever be satisfied to settle in rural Pennsylvania and takes comfort in becoming close friends with Katie. However, it’s not an easy road as Jake is Mennonite and Katie has just been baptized in the Amish faith. Her father forbids them to see each other, adamant that his daughter marry an Amish man. A Season of Love is filled with surprising twists that will grip you to the very last words. As the stories of your favorite Amish community draw to a close, join Lindsay, her friends, and all the people of Bird-In-Hand for one last volume.



No profile of Amy would be complete without a mention
of her amazing journey as an organ donor.

The Gift of Love:
One Woman’s Journey to Save a Life.

A Hopeful Heart by Amy ClipstonIn The Gift of Love, bestselling author Amy Clipston inspires a generation with her true story of the fight against her husband’s kidney disease. In a selfless act that eventually led to the Johns Hopkins paired donor program, Amy donated her kidney so that Joe would receive one from a matching donor.

The Making of A Gift of Love:

In The Gift of Love, bestselling author Amy Clipston shares her journey to becoming a kidney donor in the paired donor program through Johns Hopkins Hospital. The gift of life she was able to give to a woman suffering from kidney disease provided a kidney for Amy’s husband, Joe, in return.

Early on in her marriage Amy developed strength through hardship and tragedy. But when her husband developed kidney disease shortly before the birth of their first son, she couldn’t imagine how hard it would be to watch the man she loved suffer from transplants, a rejected kidney, and interminable dialysis. With nearly 100,000 people needing kidney transplants, Joe was on a long list of recipients waiting for a match. In the meantime, he went through dialysis three times each week, leaving him weak and in fragile health. Amy’s story will give hope and strength to anyone who finds themselves waiting on God. There were times when Amy hit rock bottom, wondering why Joe had to suffer and why she had to carry the load for the family. However, through faith, they made it through, stronger than they were when they began their journey. The Gift of Love is an encouraging story of strength in adversity, determination, and of one woman’s faith in God.




Amy Clipston is an inspiration to more than just the writing community! She is an inspiration to wives everywhere – proving once and for all that a woman who truly loves her husband will do whatever it takes to keep him by her side! She is also an inspiration and an advocate for the organ donation community – taking special time out of her schedule regularly to make appearances and participate in events all over, in her support of this noble cause!

She is a personal inspiration to me as well. Not just because she has had such a successful writing career but because she has a heart for her readers and I consider her a mentor. She has personally encouraged me in my own writing journey and I thank her for that!



 God Bless You all and Have a GREAT week!

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