It’s lonely on the pedestal.


Recently I had a very eye-opening conversation with a very well-known author (I’ll never tell). Somehow she is under the impression that she is not nearly as skilled, talented or loved as other well-known authors of her genre (Not telling that either – might give too much away).

Where am I going with this…


I think our society has made such a fuss over “celebrities” that we forget they are real people too!


Even famous authors (and she is famous because everyone I know who read that genre… and even a few who don’t… know her work) need to know that their work is appreciated. They need to know we like what they’re doing and they need to know that we see them as people too!


So how do we do this?

Well one way is social media. We live in a world that thrives on social media and it makes it so much easier to go to Facebook and “friend” all your favorite authors, “like” their page and then share their posts!


Another way we can do this is to review their books – on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, GoodReads, ChristianBooks, Library Thing, and on your blog – if you have one. Reviews are very important to a lot of people. It is one way a lot of readers decide whether or not a book is worth their time.


Another way you can go about it is to write notes to them. Send them a message on Facebook, Write comments on their blog posts. Find a P.O. Box and send them a personal card.


Authors are not just famous – they’re people too!


And think about it this way… when you’re published, would you rather people put you up on a pedestal and never talk to you or would you rather they treat you like a treasured friend?


Just my two cents on the subject…

God Bless!

And good night.



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