Tell us what YOU want to know.


Everyone has questions… 


Tell us some of yours.


There is a world of published authors out there and they hold the keys to the kingdom – so to speak. Every journey may be slightly different but they still know the answers to questions we have.


I plan to make this segment a regular event. Comment below with questions you have for authors and I will go hunt down the answers for you.


I will also be adding the questions to our NEW Ask An Author Page!

Click the linked words above or Look for it under the menu that says MORE on top of the page.


An example: Recently Sarah Loudin Thomas posted an FAQ post on her blog HERE and I asked the question:

I wonder about two things and I’m sure it’s different for every author depending on their publisher.

How many author copies do they send you? Some of the pictures I’ve seen look like a big box – very full and a few authors actually talk like they got two boxes.

And when you do book signings/ appearances/ conferences – are you responsible for providing those copies or do the people putting it together do that? If you are responsible for getting them there, do you have to buy the copies or does the publisher provide them?

And THANK YOU for the questions above. GREAT questions AND answers!
God Bless!


And Sarah was kind enough to reply.

Great questions!

Author copies vary by contract–I think 25-50 is pretty standard. It’s not by the box and how many are in a box varies according to how thick the novel is. My books are 40 to a box, but some fellow authors with longer books would only have 32 or 34.

You’re typically responsible for making sure your books get to events unless it’s one of those rare book signings in which case you’re probably at a bookstore that carries your books. Depending on the setting, you can supply books through a bookseller who will handle all the sales leaving you to get the percentage you negotiated through the contract with your publisher, or you can buy the books from your publisher (at a set discount) and pocket the profit (if there is any!).


That was exactly what I wanted to know. It really is true – all you have to do is ask.

And it’s also true that you will never know until you ask.

So ask away!


What do YOU really want to know?



Share your thoughts with us.

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